20 Photos To Remind You That Photoshop Is One Big Lie

Modern day advertising is rife with beautiful models. Tall, thin, and beautiful, the people featured in these images are there to try and motivate normal people to achieve quite unrealistic beauty standards.

The message is subtle but there – by purchasing whatever is being advertised, you can get that little bit closer to achieving the standard of the model. It’s a clever way to get people to buy into your product, although you would be surprised at how misleading it really is because the majority these images are actually photoshopped.

Whether its reducing weight, adding an extra shine to whitened teeth, or simply adding a nice filter to remove signs of aging there are countless ways a photograph of a person can be digitally altered to achieve the ‘perfect’ look.

Unrealistic beauty standards have long been promoted in most forms of media as well as advertising, and unfortunately it means that many people will fall into the trap believing idealistic beauty standards are the norm.

Check out this series of photoshopped images to see just how much of a lie many people are unwittingly being sold. It shows a collection of celebrities before and after being photoshopped, perfectly highlighting that no single person is perfect – and that isn’t a bad thing!

1. Candice Huffine


2. Kim Cattrall


3. Justin Bieber


4. Madonna


5. Cindy Crawford


6. Britney Spears


7. Fergie


8. Beyoncé


9. Madonna


10. Lindsay Lohan