Dog Found In The Unlikeliest Place Reunites With Family After Being Missing For 2 Years

Bear is a dog with an amazing story. The lovable pooch was living a happy life with his owners until an unfortunate car accident, one that caused Bear to run away terrified, which is under stable considering he was a young dog. Dogs are known to find their way home, and the fact that Bear was micro-chipped before the accident occurred made his owners hopefully that he would return sooner rather than later. They sure didn’t expect it to take two years! The day in question happened on Thanksgiving last year, where Bear was found savaging in a junkyard. Two women discovered the frightened dog knew that had to do their bit, and sought out to rescue the poor guy. After creating a makeshift pen, they managed just that, and then it was just a case of identifying Bear and finding out whether he had any owners.
The footage of Bear and his owners being reunited can be seen too, and its very heart-warming stuff – take a look and see!