15 Cats and Dogs Who Cannot Do Without Their Humans

“It would be just great if you’d stop taking a shower and feed me.”

“Human, I’ll protect you from toilet monsters!”

“How can you stare at a newspaper when you have me?”

The cat trap I set up in my home office worked! No more cats on the keyboard, just a few swats from the box while I type.

What’s this personal space you speak of?

“I’ll always be your baby, won’t I?”

My friend’s dog has no sense of personal space

Yes…right here is the perfect place to sit

Pure love seems to look like this.

Bowser – Destroyer of personal space

“Typing with both hands? Such nonsense!”

“Let me in! I need to go in! Then I can…immediately go out.”

Cat doesn’t understand personal space.

“Now you’ll surely be safe, Momma!”

“Workout with my favorite human.”