An Instance Of Extreme Bravery Displayed By This 14 Year Old Boy Who Dived Into The Overpass To Save The Life Of A Cat That Was Hanging Over The Bridge!

Gavin, a 14 year old has set a new example of bravery and humanity. When he was on the highway, he rushed and dived into the overpass so that he could save a cat. The cat was so grateful of Gavin that he did not let him go!

It was on 12th February that Erin Brown was driving on the highway along with her son Gavin and they were heading to a birthday party.

Suddenly, there was a cat tossing out of a window of a moving vehicle that was driving in front of them. Suddenly, Erin stopped the car and Gavin did not think twice before jumping out of the car and signaling the incoming traffic to halt in a bid to reach out to the cat immediately.

He was shocked to look at the sight of a cat slamming at the pavement and being all over the highway and before anything untoward could happen, he jumped on top of the overpass so that he could grab the cat and save his life!

It was within a matter of a few moments that he saved the traumatized cat from the misery that would have happened!

Erin Brown expressed her shock on the entire incident. She did not understand what was more shocking: the cat being thrown out of a window from a moving car or her son rushing to save the life of the cat.

When Gavin first held the cat, it was trembling due to whatever that had happened a few moments ago and his nails were totally torn off due to him tying to get a grip on the pavement.

As soon as Gavin rescued the cat, it cuddled in his arms and they later took Lucky to the BluePearl Animal Hospital to ensure that he is free from any trouble.

When this story was circulated on Facebook, there were many volunteers willing to cover for all the medical expenses and now, Lucky is being adopted by Gavin and family!


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