10 Gustav Klimt Tattoos To Show Your Artistic Side

If you are a lover of art in all of its different forms and style, then this fantastic side of it is going to really change the way that you look at the world around you. It’s all artwork form the well-loved Gustav Klimt, a tattoo artist that is all about looking into the world and making erotic-based paintings that show off the world of love and lust in a unique way. If you loved them on canvas, now you can get them inked onto your body in pretty incredible designs that make us all stop and stare at them for a bit. They’re really vivid when painted on the skin and they’re certainly pretty neat to look at and enjoy on your body. There’s something even more intimate about them in this way.

(h/t: illusion.scene360)

Gustav KlimtAlexey Buzunov

Gustav KlimtAlice Kendall

Gustav KlimtGuido Perrotta

Gustav KlimtPeter Aurisch

Gustav KlimtSol Art

Gustav KlimtAmanda Wachob

Gustav KlimtGristle Tattoo

Gustav Klimt

Leto Martín

Gustav KlimtMalandrina

Gustav KlimtLena