20 Of The Most Stubborn Homeowners In The World Who Absolutely Refused To Move Out

11. Salah Oudjani Refuses To Sell The Coffee House He Has Worked In For The Last 46 Years, Although His Is The Only Standing Building In What Used To Be An Old Neighborhood Of Roubaix, In Northern France

Stubborn Homeowners Refused To Move

12. Living Under A Bridge

Stubborn Homeowners Refused To MoveDom Dada

13. This Queen Anne House Which Is Now A Church, Prevented Yet Another Apartment Building From Being Constructed

Stubborn Homeowners Refused To Moveephemeralnewyork

14. A Lone Resident Holds Out Against Luxury Villas In Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, In July 2013

Stubborn Homeowners Refused To MoveHAP / Quirky China News / REX

15. Developers Were Forced Into Building Around These Holdouts In Washington DC

Stubborn Homeowners Refused To MoveForgotten New York

16. Due To The High Asking Price The Founders Of This Hotel Couldn’t Buy These Houses, So The Hotel Was Built Around Them Instead, And They Became Souvenir Shops

Stubborn Homeowners Refused To MoveRoeland Koning

17. One Chinese Family Refused To Move Their Relatives Ancient Graves. The Small, Bizarre Column Stood 10 Meters Above The Foundation Floor For Months, Until They Finally Accepted Compensation

Stubborn Homeowners Refused To MoveAFP

18. Farmers Live Stuck In Between Three Highways. Government Simply Wasn’t Able To Reach A Consensus With This Family Even Hundreds Of Other Households Were Moved Eventually

Stubborn Homeowners Refused To

19. Mrs Wu Ping Was The Only Person From 241 Properties Who Refused To Leave. She Battled With Contractors And Bids For Almost 3 Years Before Caving In April Of 2007 For Quite A Pretty Penny

Stubborn Homeowners Refused To Moveventure160

20. This Saloon Refused To Sell Their Property To An Apartment Company And Now The Apartment Has To Build Around Them

Stubborn Homeowners Refused To MoveAllCarsEatGas


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