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20 amazing photos showing how Nature can defeat civilization

A tree in a piano, California

Nature can defeat civilizationcrackoala

The victory of the trees over concrete, Hong Kong

2Romain JL

A railway in Paris, France

Nature can defeat civilizationmessynessychic

A bicycle which has been ’eaten’ by a tree

Nature can defeat civilization© Ethan Welty

A natural aquarium in an abandoned shopping mall in Bangkok, Thailand

Nature can defeat civilization© Jesse Rockwell

An old mill in Sorrento, Italy

Nature can defeat civilization© Jason Wallace

An abandoned Ferris wheel

Nature can defeat civilization© Kyle Telechan

A car ’cemetery’, Belgium

Nature can defeat civilization© Rosanne de Lange

An abandoned mining town, Namibia

Nature can defeat civilization© Marsel Van Oosten

A 160-year-old railway in Paris, France

Nature can defeat civilizationPierre Folk


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