Camera Captured When A Wild Brown Bear Serenely Sat Down Alongside A Photographer In Alaska

What would you feel if you are sitting at a Riverside and a bear accompanies you suddenly? It would really be a scary encounter. Isn’t it?

That is what happened with an Alaskan wildlife photographer, Drew Hamilton. He was enjoying by the Alaska’s river side and filming nature when a bear calmly walked to his camp side. It may come as a surprise to your ears that he did not at all lose his calm. Rather than panicking, he remained composed and filmed the best shots of his life through his camera. The bear peacefully walked near his camping chair and calmly sat next to him. Watch the video and see how cute he is looking yawing and surveying around the river below before strolling off to join his fellow bears.

Curious bear calmly sits down next to photographer

Alaska’s McNeil River State Game Sanctuary is the world’s largest gathering of these bears between June and August. Seeing bear at Sanctuary is not strange. By the end of video, you can see more than dozens bears enjoying in the river. They come here for the Salmon fish. For the safety of people and the bears, human traffic is limited. Only lucky visitors with winning lottery are allowed to come to the said area.


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