20 Cats And Their Incredible Lookalikes

11. Strutting kitty and Leo are both happy that he finally got his oscar

cats incredible lookalikes

12. Cat and this rug

cats incredible lookalikesimgur.com

13. Wet cat and this swamp monster… both could use a hug

cats incredible lookalikesmonster-man-08

14. Chaplin kitty

cats incredible lookalikescutestpaw.com

15. Pin up model and some random woman

cats incredible lookalikescatsthatlooklikepinupgirls.tumblr.com

16. Cat and this Halloween decoration

cats incredible lookalikesimgur

17. Evil plan kitty and Mr. Burns

cats incredible lookalikesbrmmm

18. Lenin cat

cats incredible lookalikeseverseradio.com

19. Cat and goofy Einstein

cats incredible lookalikesAlina Esther

20. Hairless kitty and Iggy Pop

cats incredible lookalikesFran Veale

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Heroic Hippo Saves Antelope From Crocodile