Two Circus Bears Experience Freedom For The First Time In 17 Years

Gaika and Masha are two  bears who were part of a Russian circus.

They lived on a truck for 17 years.The owner/trainer died and the circus was closed. Now they are at their new home at The Wild Animal Sanctuary. Watch them experience freedom for the first time.

two circus bears experience freedom

There are many animals who are lucky enough to live out their lives in the wild — free to do whatever they want whenever. However, unfortunately, there are some who become part of human entertainment for profit and these animals are confined, abused, and enslaved. Case in point: Gaika and Masha.

In the video, watch as Gaika and Masha feel the grass beneath their paws for the first time after being rescued! They run, prance, and jump for joy (literally!).

This heartwarming video of freedom will make your day. Wait till 0:28 to see how happy these bears really are!