The Animal You Spot First Says a Lot About Your Personality

Scientists, specifically psychologists, have spent a long time trying to figure what a personality exactly is and how each person develops theirs. One way to figure this out is by taking a personality test.

Someone’s personality is a combination of characteristics and qualities that, when put together, form a person’s character. Psychology calls these traits. If someone asked you to list your personality traits, you’d most likely end up with a pretty long list. But some experts believe that every person has a ‘primary trait’ – the main characteristic that defines your general behavior and attitude. There are several tests, like the following picture, that are used to pinpoint a person’s primary trait.

Now, which animal do you see first?

first animal reveals personality test

This picture is known formally as a projective test – an exam which present situations, images, or words to someone in order to analyze their response. It’s used to determine certain aspects of their personality that they express unconsciously. This is a pretty simple one: a group of animal images stacked together. It is believed that the first animal you see is an expression of your primary personality trait. How about we find out what each one means?


first animal reveals personality test

It’s believed that if someone sees the wolf image first they’re typically a fearless and fierce person. They’re ready for anything life throws at them and they’re experts at handling tough situations. Even though they like the company of others, they tend to be a bit lonely on the inside.

But some people might see the bright insect first….

Praying Mantis

first animal reveals personality test

When it comes to being a master of senses and patience, no one can beat the praying mantis. It can keep itself still for hours, without getting impatient. For this insect, it’s all about waiting for the right time to catch its prey.

Seeing the praying mantis first means having strong instincts. It’s always your inner voice that guides you from time to time. You’re also in touch with your primal self, a thing that’s rare to people. You always rely on your guts and, more often than not, you succeed. Just like the mantis, you’re a master of your own domain – there’s a fighting spirit within you that keeps you going.


first animal reveals personality test

If it’s the stallion that you see first, then you’re likely an ambitious person. You’re wild, free and raw, and you’re always driven to succeed. For you, it’s all about being able to do things according to your will. Interestingly, you never shy from a day’s work and you’re definitely not the person to back out from a fight. You’re honest and driven.


first animal reveals personality test

The butterfly is a symbol of beauty, pleasure, and hedonism. If you first saw the butterfly, this means that you live your life to the fullest, enjoying every moment of it. You don’t get bothered with trivial and unimportant things because you don’t want to waste your time and energy by doing something you don’t enjoy.


first animal reveals personality test

If you first saw the crab it means that you are a very stubborn person. You put up walls around you to protect your overly sensitive nature. This is why you sometimes come across as abrasive and harsh. Also, you don’t want to leave your comfort zone because you don’t like changes.


first animal reveals personality test

If you saw the dog first you are considered protective, selfless, and brave. People who have these primary traits are usually rare to come across. You love with every ounce of your being and experience joy more intensely than most people. Everyone who gets to know you cherishes you and loves you.


first animal reveals personality test

Seeing the eagle first means having the traits of a wild and free person. Think of yourself as one of the ultimate predators in all of nature. You’re focused and determined. You’re always driven towards what you want and what you dream of. When it comes to decision making, you rarely waver. And once you’re eyes are set on something, you’ll always do your best to achieve it.


first animal reveals personality test

A rooster is colorful, quirky, and quick. It uses its sharp mind to navigate tricky terrains on earth, and when it gets hard all it needs to do is fly above the petty annoyances. If the rooster caught your eye first, you are witty, smart, and skilled. People might be misled by your calm ways, but they are in for a surprise if they rub you the wrong side. You fight with no fear and aren’t afraid to make some noise when something unfair happens. You are a natural leader who isn’t afraid to speak your mind.


first animal reveals personality test

This messenger of peace is pure, beautiful, and gentle. But little is spoken about the exceptional strength these gorgeous birds carry, which enables them to migrate miles across the sky, sometimes even to neighboring countries. If a dove grabbed your attention first, you are likely to be a calm and dignified person on the outside, but carry a strength that can get you through the coldest of times. You are wise and invest your energy in building a family or community. You refuse to squabble or let small things upset you as you meant to sail smoothly through the blue sky.