Hyperrealistic Oil Paintings of Women in Sheets Celebrate the Beauty of the Female Form

If you like art, then you know all about how it is supposed to make you feel.  For each person, art means something different with an over-arcing theme.  These paintings are all about embracing beauty as we see it and making it into something beautiful and enviable, but at the same time, comforting.

We can see the young shapes of women in these paintings, and they are all unique and have their own expressions that share their stories.  Each of these painted to accuracy to the last detail and it is definitely something to look at and admire.  Even if the female shape isn’t something that would normally appeal to you, you have to admit that these are all painted to tell a story of some kind.  It’s up to you how you want to interpret this incredible story, and you can make it as personal or as un personal as you would like.  Sharing is what this delicate and description art is all about.









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