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Romania Has Banned Trophy Hunting of Brown Bears, Wolves, Lynx, and Wild Cats!

This is an extremely significant move on the part of a government which is home to the largest population of large carnivores in Europe, by removing the threat that has haunted these magnificent animals.

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Although it is believed the ban will divide the Romanian population, setting urban and rural populations against each other. The decision is strongly supported by the larger cities which have witnessed a growing movement against hunting. That said, the remote countryside areas are under a daily threat to villagers, harm to farmers’ livestock, and many believe that hunting is the only solution.

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The ban came about due to a growing concern for Romania’s wild mountains that have seen officers convict dozens of hunters, local officials, and forester over the past few years.

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The Ministry of Environment has been discussing the possibility of relocating these animals to other countries, abroad, interested in repopulating their wildlife.

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“Hunting for money is already illegal, but has been given a green light. The damages to habitats have acted as a cover for trophy hunting.” – Cristiana Pasca-Palmer, Environment Minister.

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