40 Photos Of Rescued Pets That Will Warm Your Heart

11. Yesterday, I Helped This Sweet Girl Get Adopted. Her Parents Sent Me This Photo Of Her In Their New Home

rescued petsyounoloveme

12. This Is Old Lady (Almost 18), Her Family Of 16 Years Gave Her To A Shelter Where She Lived For Almost A Year, Until We Adopted Her A Few Months Ago. Giving Her The Best Life Possible


13. Before And After Adoption. Meet Dixie

rescued petsJohnnyLaw16

14. Just Adopted This Old Lady And I’m In Love. Sushi, 9 Years Old


15. Meet Van Gogh. Trying To Get Him To Pose For His Adoption Photo

rescued petsDa_da_da_daaa

16. Shelter Doggo With A Huge Smile Being Adopted


17. We Adopted Him Two Weeks Ago. This Is Their First Cuddle

rescued petsdutzi_thecat

18. I Adopted An Anteater


19. We Adopted This Five Year Old Shelter Cat Last Week, I Adore Her And She Adores Us. Couldn’t Ask For A Better Girl, Ily Rosie


20. Akali Was Returned To The Shelter By Her First Adopter, But Now I Have A Best Friend

rescued petsvoodlesnoodles