Stop Concentrating On Negative Events Surrounding Your World – Take A Look At The Positive & Smile!

No matter where you go online to get the latest news, whether through social media sites or elsewhere, it’s all negative! The news media that fill heads with propaganda, fake news, or just the worst possible news out there. Wouldn’t be nice to just get some news that delivers positive, uplifting, and feel-good broadcasts?

Although the news media will have you believe that the majority of people want negative topics, it’s just not the truth, one more time.  Most people have enough stuff going on in their lives and want something uplifting and inspirational that gives them hope.

Jacob Atkins decided to take matters into his own hands and list the best positive accomplishments made this year.  These stories are very interesting and very positive which the news media wants you to avoid and just listen to their poisonous points of view.  They prefer to play on Donald Trump, Poor Hillary, terrorism, and who knows what else that do nothing but lead to dissension!

Jacob believes that although we should not ignore various negative topics, why not take in positive things happening around us that will offer tidings of joy!  He has provided us with an amazing collection of wonderful things happening on our planet including other species that are many times overlooked.  As Jacob has pointed out, there are so many wonderful things going on around us that we should be grateful for.  Scroll through his amazing list, feel good, and just totally enjoy!