People Who Want To Move From America To Europe, Why?



I would move if I could for the food alone. Not only does the majority of it taste better in Europe, but it’s also more nutritious. Food additives that are illegal in Europe are abundant in the US. Crops have been so modified that they have a fraction of the nutrients. Even baking ingredients like flour and sugar are way less healthy here in the US because of how they are processed



American who moved to Europe 15 years ago. There are pros and cons. Lived in Barcelona for 5 years and very much enjoyed the lifestyle. Moved to Gothenburg, Sweden after for 7 years. Actually gained dual citizenship there, which has made being in Europe much easier. A lot of things are great in Sweden, but I couldn’t handle the cold, wet, dark… It gets very hard with the 7 to 9 month long winters (in 2 of my years there summer did not come). I’m back in Spain now, 3 years. Money is much tighter. But life and food suits me better. I always thought I would return to the US, but not so much anymore. Plus, my Italian wife is not interested…


I’m terrified that the 2024 election, or the one after, or the one after that one will be the point that Democracy fully tanks (beyond just gerrymandering) and this country becomes an autocracy.




I moved 5.5 years ago because there are better job opportunities in my field of music here. Also, I’m able to afford living in a nice, big city without working two to three jobs.



You won’t be bankrupt for being sick, your kids won’t end up with serious student loans (in most of Europe) or be funneled into a for-profit private prison system. Less chance of a maniac shooting you. You aren’t afraid of losing health insurance after a layoff/firing.



My SO and I moved to Greece in 2016. I eat mostly vegan and the quality and price of basic raw ingredients are incredible.



The quality of life in terms of healthcare, nutrition, work culture, etc

You can travel to so many different countries so easily and experience different cultures, food and people

Everything just looks pretty and cute: especially in terms of architecture

You don’t hear too many bad things about Europeans, mostly just how they don’t like Americans, which is very telling about us


I moved as part of a student exchange and then again to teach English. Spent around 2 years total living in France. Honestly, I loved the culture a ton and could see myself moving there again. The food is bomb, I felt so good while I was there because of the lack of shit in the food. Time off was amazing, the general idea that life and its little pleasures are meant to be enjoyed and that hustle culture isn’t the way also attracted me.




Because Italy has some of the best food in the world.



I can walk to all the amenities I need. People say what they mean. Sh*t works as intended a lot more.