People Who Want To Move From America To Europe, Why?



Kinda tired of my medication costing $1000 a month tbh.



It comes down to the fact that the U.S. does not care about its people — only protecting the capital of the wealthy. There’s expensive healthcare, a car-dependent infrastructure, a lack of public transportation, increasing homelessness, etc



Being poor in the US is worse than being poor in Europe.



Less likely to be shot by a crazy person.

Easier access to medical care.

Easier access to education.

Higher quality education.

Most European nations aren’t ebbing dangerously close to a civil war.

About half the US is champing at the bit to install a dictator, and usher in a new age of fascism. They might succeed.



Currently looking at moving to Western Europe from America. I can only speak for myself but these are some of my reasons

• Capitalist Greed in our government • No proper medical coverage • Bipartisan outrage • Poor vacation • Poor work expectations

I’m sure I could go on and on but really government bullsh*t, corporate greed and sh*t healthcare have ruined this country. No one looks up to America anymore, they just go along with it because America has guns and bombs.



I moved from the US to Denmark in 80 and since then have lived in various European countries, for the last 30 in England.

Culture is better. Not saying that some Americans are not cultured (I am American after all) but things are so much more oriented to enjoying music, theatre, and arts. I had relatives in the US that mocked university education, modern art, and pretty much anything that was not simple patriotism and religion.


Also an American that moved to Spain. Healthcare is my #1 reason why I have no interest in moving back to America. Even though I miss the comfort and ease of the place that I grew up, it’s nothing compared to the peace of mind living here. A lot of people complain about “people being lazy” in Spain. I, for the most part, love how relaxed everyone is here. Coming from NY, where everything needs to be finished yesterday and you get yelled at for not giving your order quick enough in a food line… it’s so refreshing to constantly be reminded to take a break. Deep breath. Fresh air. Take a nap. Get around to it later. I’m sure that it’s helped my anxiety and made me happier for it. One more thing… I just returned from a visit to America today after being away for two years. It could be just me being sensitive to things, but the vibe there felt different. It felt very divisive, fearful and angry. It made me sad.




I did about three years ago. I was mentally tired from living in a state of near catastrophe all the time. I had a good job but one medical catastrophe (of which I’d already had a few) could have bankrupted me. I wanted kids but again, it’s one catastrophe away from homelessness WITH kids. And no social support for kids either, like parental leave after the birth, subsidized childcare, subsidized higher education. I hated never having job security despite being excellent at my job.

Basically everything about all of the systems in the US terrified me.

My quality of life is incalculably improved by living in a country that cares about its citizens.



It’s easy to get somewhere completely different. In America you have to travel a long way to get to a place with a different culture. In Europe, in just a few hours I can drive to France, the Netherlands, or Germany. And, in a few hours on a plane, I can be in Italy, Greece, Spain, or Portugal.


America is an increasingly dangerous place to live because of right-wing domestic extremism and white supremacy that threatens to undermine democracy.