NASA Has Compiled a List of the Best Air-Cleaning Plants for Your Home

For anyone that spends the majority of their time indoors, it can often be forgotten how much of a difference some houseplants can make. Not only do they look fantastic by adding natural color to space, but they also have various air-filtering properties that can actually make an indoor space healthier!

This all comes from extensive research that was conducted by NASA and the Associated Contractors of America (ACLA) in the 1980s to discover which plants worked best at purifying air indoors.

The result was the highly informative Clean Air study, which discovered that some plants add the incredible ability to remove various chemicals from the air, helping to reduce any negative impact they could have on humans breathing in impure air.


The Florist’s Mum and Peace Lily are among the best thanks to their ability to effectively remove parts of benzene, xylene, formaldehyde, trichloroethylene, toluene, and ammonia present in the air. Many other plants were effective at removing some, but not all of these chemicals.

According to NASA, it’s best to have a plant for every single 100 square feet of space, allowing for plenty of lovely (and healthy!) houseplants to find their way into your indoor space!
This handy infographic breaks down what plants work best at eliminating certain chemicals!

Love the Garden created a helpful infographic that will tell you which houseplants are best and what chemicals they filter:




With some help from these plants, your air can be cleaner and healthier: