Interesting & Perspective-Changing Maps People Shared

There are such interesting maps that it is possible to find maps that show from bear populations to language families. People share their interesting maps in a Reddit group and here are 30 of them.

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1. The Baltic Way. On 23 August 1989, Two Million People Joined Their Hands To Form A Human Chain Spanning 675.5 Km Across The Three Baltic States. The Protest Was Against The Soviet Occupation, And To Support The Independence Movements Of The Three States

interesting mapsRepublicOfEurope

2. “Head North, Young Man…”


3. Cyclist Recreates Nirvana’s “Nevermind” Album Cover

interesting mapsTRiskProduction

4. The Topography Of Ukraine


5. Topography Of China

interesting mapsMeronDC

6. All Roads Lead To Rome. This Map Is Visualises The Famous Roads Built By The Roman Empire


7. Atheists Are Prohibited From Holding Public Office In 8 US States


8. Map Showing Netherland’s Progress In Flood Management (Source: Earthmagazine)

interesting maps


9. Is Escape A Crime?


10. Beavers In Europe, 1900 And 2021