40 Times People Share Evil Buildings They Came Across

31. Happy Meth Lab

evil buildingsmalgoya

32. This Is Where Downvotes Are Made And Distributed To Redditors Worldwide


33. Looks Like The End Of Days In Seattle

evil buildingsDexter_russell

34. Everyday Is Leg Day


35. Former Research Institute For Experimental Medicine, Berlin, Germany

Barrie Leach

36. Гостиница Means Hotel In Russian …i Think I’m Gonna Pass!

evil buildingsEvery_form

37. The Tallest Unoccupied Building In The World, The North Korean Ryugyong Hotel, Often Called The “Hotel Of Doom”


38. Constructing A Building This High Up In The Mountains Is An Immediate Red Flag For Super Villain Lair

evil buildingsEvery_form

39. Every Evil building Should Have A Quick Getaway Like The Dragon Slide You See Here


40. Motel 6 – “We’ll Leave The Light On For You”

evil buildingsijustrepostabunch