Every Kid Needs A Dog, Here Is The Proof! (Part 2)

1. He Doesn’t Look Anything Like Us

adorable kids dogs friendship

2. My Son And Our Dog 20 Minutes After We Adopted Her

adorable kids dogs friendshipGonzoGaddy

3. I Think We Found Our Babysitter

adorable kids dogs friendshipFiveStands

4. Even If My Son So Much As Cries, He Rushes In To Save His Life. Best Buds

adorable kids dogs friendshipI_Ate_A_Queef

5. My Son’s Always Been A Hugger. My Dog Wasn’t Totally Comfortable With That At First, But He’s Come Around

adorable kids dogs friendshipwafflesareforever

6. 3 Years Of Friendship

adorable kids dogs friendshipDanielHillSKW

7. My Daughter Is Home With A Fever. Puppy Therapy Has Commenced

adorable kids dogs friendshipCapnFancyPants

8. My Pup And I, Circa 1988

adorable kids dogs friendshipGP_3

9. These Two Are Inseparable

adorable kids dogs friendshipskankboy

10. My Nephew And His Yellow Lab

adorable kids dogs friendshipuhwatwat



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