25 Disturbing Art Pieces That Challenges People’s Sanity

Did you know that there are about 25 individuals who became popular because of their masterpieces? If you want to know who they are, here are the following masterpieces and their painters that will totally shock you:  Disturbing art pieces

                                       Guernica  Disturbing art pieces

Pablo Picasso’s painting depicts the tragedies that happened in a war most especially the suffering of innocent civilians.

Disturbing Art Pieces

Anatomical Pieces

The remains of human is the subject of Theodore Gericault’s shocking masterpiece.

Disturbing Art Pieces

Diomedes Being Eaten by his Horses

Gustave Moreau’s painting made from water color depicts Hercules’ 8th labor.

Disturbing Art Pieces

Deterioration of Mind over Matter

Otto Rapp’s painting shows a decomposing human skull that is placed in the devilish birdcage. The gore of the physical being of a man can be found at the base, lifeless.

Disturbing Art Pieces

Dante and Virgil in Hell 

This W.A. Bouguereau’s painting shows Dante’s Inferno scene where both Virgil and Dante have watched a fight of two souls.

Disturbing Art Pieces

Untitled Painting

Zdislaw Beksinski’s oil painting has no name. It depicts the doomsday scenarios, surreal architecture and Utopian realism.

Disturbing Art Pieces

A Negro Hung Alive

William Blake‘s painting is based from a Dutch soldier’s account that had witnessed this kind of cruelty.

Disturbing Art Pieces

Big Electric Chair

This particular painting of Andy Warhole is said to be one of the series of painting that shows electric chairs.

Disturbing Art Pieces