Meet One Of The Cutest Animal Of Wildlife

Have you ever heard an animal named an aardwolf? Aardwolves coming from the same family as the hyena can be the cutest wild animals. Meet the cutest animal of wildlife!

This little critter is a baby aardwolf

baby aardwolf

The adults are just as cute as the babies


Aardwolves come from the same family as the hyena, but these guys have mohawks!


Unlike their bone-chomping cousins, aardwolves prefer to munch on termites

Baby Aardwolf

Hennie van Heerden

They’re nocturnal creatures and they live in underground burrows in East and Southern Africa

cute aardwolf

Scientists once thought they were solitary creatures, but actually they’re very family-oriented

cute aardwolf
Ohange Namibia Lodge

They often don’t dig the holes themselves, however, preferring to inhabit abandoned burrows of other animals

cute aardwolf
Daryl Balfour

They have long sticky tongues which they use to lap up thousands of termites

cute wild animals
Nigel J Dennis

A single aardwolf can eat up to 300,000 termites per night!

Cincinnati zoo

An adult grows to roughly the same size as a fox

cute wild animals

Being monogamous creatures, they stay with the same mate for their entire lifetime

cute wild animals
Gerard Lacz