What These Students Are Doing With An Egg Definitely Isn’t A Cooking Hack


If you think that you are being innovative and have some hacks for everything, meet these high school students who will give you a reality check. They have entered an all new league in science by using an egg and a plastic cup.

When we are busy with our day to day life and are not looking for any scientific challenges, these students just hatched a chicken egg without actually having the egg.

These students from Japan were led by Mr. Tahara, their teacher. They made use of a clear container so that they could observe how the chicken comes into life while it is hatched. They suspended the raw egg inside a clear cup using a plastic wrap and then, they placed the cup in an incubator. Within a few days, they were able to hatch a small and cute chick!

Their research has been published in scientific journals around the world, and the rest of us are worthless.

A group of Japanese high-schoolers have found a way to hatch an egg, without the egg! Now biology classes can observe development while still keeping the chick alive!The clip is a segment from Japanese educational TV show "Gatten" that aired 05.18.2016. Captions, appropriately, by Spoon & Tamago (tamago means 'egg' in Japanese)

Posted by Spoon & Tamago on Sunday, June 5, 2016