15 Photos That Will Make You Fall in Love with the Adorable Ermine

The mischievous short-tailed weasel, often referred to as the stoat, is an adorable looking creature that happens to undergo a change during the winter months.

Throughout spring and summer, they usually have a reddish-brown coat, but this completely changes during the colder winter months when their coast become pristine white, somehow making them even cuter!

The following collection of ermine snaps were captured by Stefano Unterthiner in the Gran Paradiso National Park in Italy, and as you can see the cute critters become all the more difficult to see when surrounded by snow!

adorable ermineStefano Unterthiner

According to info from the ESF website:

“They are active at all seasons, and in winter move on the surface of crusted snow and tunnel through soft snow, stopping occasionally to thrust the head above the surface, apparently to determine the route of travel.”

adorable erminevia

adorable ermineAmy Gerber

adorable ermineL. Mikonranta

adorable ermineEtienne Francey

adorable ermineJ.A. Siderius

adorable ermineViktor Vlaskin

adorable ermineHans Erik Overland

adorable ermineMark Summers

adorable ermineMax Waugh

adorable ermineEtienne Francey

adorable ermineEtienne Francey

adorable ermineMasatsugu Ohashi

adorable ermineKellen Witschen

adorable ermineFabien Greban

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