30 Frightening Abandoned Places That Was Untouched For Years

21. My Great Great Great Grandfather Built This House

abandoned placesThermalScrewed

22. Abandoned Psychiatric Hospital


23. Moorehall, House And Estate Built 1795 In Mayo, Ireland. It Burnt Down 1923 During The Irish Civil War And Has Been Abandoned Ever Since


24. Flooded Church In The City Petrolândia State Of Pernambuco Brazil

abandoned placesTheBoom1001

25. “Michelangelo da Vinci” Restaurant In Italy That Was Closed In 2014


26. Abandoned Chuck E. Cheese Animatronic Found In A Landfill

abandoned placesImport

27. Military Housing In NJ


28. Old Tanks Left Underwater

abandoned placeszem204

29. Ever Seen And Abandoned Highway ?


30. Staircase In Derelict

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