If you are a vegetarian, here are the top 10 cities for you worldwide

For vegetarians, food has been a major problem in some of the most famous tourist destinations.

However, with this guide, you can plan your vacation as we bring to you a list of the ten most vegetarian friendly locations from all over the world. This list is compiled based on the vegetarian eat-outs per capita, percentage of top tier restaurants etc.

New York

There is a NYC vegetarian food festival that is conducted here where 100 exhibitors from all over the world take part.


There are 4,500 meat-free products on the counters of Veganz, a German supermarket Chain and they will also have a store open in Portland this year.

Chiang Ma

Seed saving and self-reliance are some of the concepts followed here. It comprises of a small organic farm, learning center and two restaurants that serve local vegetarian food.


It is the New Vegetarian Capital as per the Saveur’s Good Taste Awards, 2015.

Ho Chi Minh City

A whopping 85% of the citizens here are Buddhists and they are pure vegetarians.


Smazeny Syr, a popular dish in Czech Republic, is 100% vegetarian and is an amazing food.


England is famous for the first vegetarian society in the world, that was started back in 1847.


Bibimbap and Kimbap are the popular Korean dishes that are purely vegetarian and taste amazing.


Food labeling is mandatory in India and every product should have a green dot if it is vegetarian.


They serve dishes that are similar to meat but are purely vegetarian.


The capital of Belgium, they have a weekly veggie day to encourage vegetarians and every hotel must necessarily serve at least one vegetarian dish.

Travel Supermarket

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