This Brilliant Photographer Wanted To Break The Stigma That Was Surrounded Around Rodents And Decided To Spend Time In Clicking Adorable Photos Of Rats

Diane Ozdamar has always been a lover of pet rats and she has been clicking their pictures continuously since the past few years. She does this with the intent to break the stereotypes around these furry companions and she started clicking fancy rats, that are highly domesticated.

These rats are famous owing to their social and cuddly behavior. They are highly intelligent and get close with the owner very soon. Also, contrary to other species of rats, they are highly clean and Diane decided to capture these rats to make sure that they look lovely.

She started this project since the time she started taking care of abused and abandoned pet rats.

The main idea behind this project was to encourage people to adopt the rats so that they do not feel homeless and get the same care and attention as the other pet animals.

Scroll down to have a look at some of the most adorable clicks of the pet rats. You would start adoring how cute these rats are and might adopt one as well!

Diane Özdamar: Website | Facebook | Behance | 500px 

1. Herjan And His Fancy Hat (Herjan)

2. The Sweetest Pillow (Herjan)

3. Brothers Enjoying A Snack (Izumi, Lysander And Kaelan)

4. There’s No Rabbit In The Hat… (Heimdall)

5. Yaaaaawn (Arkanys)

6. Polka Dots (Kjalarr)

7. What’s This? (Thjazi)

8. Bloody Strawberry (Lysander)

9. Two Brothers (Semtex And Toutatis)

10. Spring Time (Tjall)

11. Tiny Boat (Taz)

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