20 Times People Tried To Make A Panorama And Ended Up Opening The Gates Of Hell

1. I Took A Panoramic Photo At A Concert And Lights Changed In The Middle Of It. This Is The Result


2. I Took A Panoramic Picture Of Our Living Room. But My Cat Decided To Walk Through


3. My Phone Has A Wide Selfie Feature Similar To A Panorama. You Need To Sit Still For It To Work. My Girlfriend Sneezed, And This Happened


4. My Father-In-Law Having Fun With Panoramic Mode


5. Failed Panorama Shot


6. My Mom Moved During A Panorama. Troll Face Ensued


7. My Dog Is A Cerberus


8. Took A Panoramic Photo At A Museum And Ended Up Making It Look Like This Girl Has The Ultimate Selfie Hand


9. Don’t Panoramic Photo And Drink


10. The Creepiest Of Crawlers

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