Have You Seen This Luxurious Bunker Worth $17.5 M That Has The Capability To Withstand A 20 Kiloton Nuclear Blast?

With countries locking heads with each other, the future is indeed risky. Countries like the US and North Korea, who possesses nuclear warheads, is loggerheads as of now and there might also be a chance of a full-fledged nuclear war. But, you do not have to worry as there is this luxury nuclear bunker that is 45 feet below the Savannah ground in Georgia.

It comes for a price tag of $17.5 M and it will certainly save your life. Spread over 32 acres, it has over 14,000 sq  ft of living space and 3 feet thick walls, air intake system etc. along with the capability to withstand a 20 Kiloton nuclear explosion. It was built during the Cold War back in 1969 and was renovated in 2012 to accommodate four spacious apartments that have a kitchen, dining area, living room and two bedrooms.

Do you still worry about a nuclear war?

You can buy this luxury nuclear bunker in Savannah, Georgia to safeguard you!

Constructed using 3 feet thick walls, air intake system, nurse’s room, decontamination showers etc. it is self-sufficient.

It has capability to withstand a 20 Kiloton nuclear explosion and is spread over 32 acres of land.

It was constructed in 1969 and renovated in 212.

Are you ready to pay the price for surviving a nuclear war?

Source: Caters

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