On The 23rd Of September, Hidden Planet will Crash into Earth and Kill Every Living Thing Which Will Result To End Time

Inform your loved ones about the way you feel and don’t think of going to work, all because of the end time!

Or this can be the belief of conspiracy theory. They are preparing for an Planet X which is yet to be detected by Nasa, but will smash into the planet and wipe the totality of human race and almost every other living thing this Saturday.
As we all know, the Nibiru theory is a prediction for the doomsday based on the biblical texts which some are of the opinion that it predict the end of the world.

Revelation Chapter 12, verse 1 reads: ‘there was a great sign in heaven; a woman was clothed with the moon, sun, and has a crown of 12 stars on her head.

And because she was with child, she had to cry out in her travail and was in the pain of delivery’

It might not mean a lot, but to David Meade who is a conspiracy theorist and researcher, this passage proves that no one will see the sunrise on Sunday.

His claim is that the sign which appear in heaven refers to the solar eclipse which occurs last month, and the hurricane recently experienced which devastated the Caribbean are evidence that cosmic ballet will precede the end of the world.

Although the claims have been rejected by the scientific society, saying this cannot be proven with facts and scientific research.

Nick Pope who is a journalist and the former minister of Defense said that the claims have a sinister intention, with the fear that people could start acting recklessly and might even cause some deaths.

He said that Nibiru does not exist and the world would not end on the 23rd of September.

‘All these can be likened to an imposter being perpetuated with the name of evangelical Christianity.’


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