He Made A Promise To A Girl With Down Syndrome. Seven Years Later, He Kept His Word!

It’s sweet when you see a real “feel good” story that is an honest to goodness kind and sweet story.  This is the story of two friends that have known each other since elementary school.  They were never estranged by society’s need o put the weird on the sideline, and Moser kept up the friendship that he shared with Mary for years.


In grade 4, he even promised his friends that he would take her to their prom, and 7 years later, he kept that very promise and surprised her with a prom-posal that made everyone tear up a little.


Both this and the actual night of the prom was amazing.  Both of them looked amazing and Moser was careful to make sure that he took special care of his friend throughout the entire night.  It’s nice to see that he stayed true to someone who meant a lot to him by making sure that he kept his word and did it without thinking about what other people were going to say.  He was careful to make sure that he stayed true to the lessons that his mother taught him about respecting others.


He cherished his special bond with Mary, and he made good on his word to take her to prom, making everyone smile and snap some photos that would make for many great memories in the future.







Photo credit: Lisa Moser Source: buzzfeed

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