When A Girl Is A Teaser – How To Spot Those “Bad Girls” in 1952

Have you imagined what it took to be called a slut back in 1952? If you look at a man, stare a gaze and turn around, dropped something so that he could pick it for you, it classified you as a slut!



In this informative piece back then from November 1952 from the magazine “The Boyfriend And the Girlfriend”, listed below is what classifies a slut!

“High on every boy’s list of pet peeves is the type of girl shown on these and the next two pages. Why? Because she is a teaser. Almost all girls that are pretty flirt a little. It’s the natural thing to do. But a girl who is a teaser is not content with simple, wholesome flirting; she goes out of her way to bait boys with an obvious display of her physical charms — baits them with unspoken promises that she hasn’t the slights intention of fulfilling. In addition to her other unflattering qualities, therefore, a teaser is dishonest. She has no real sincere interest in the boys whose attention she sets out to capture; she is simply playing a game in which she holds all of the cards and doesn’t mind resorting to the cheapest of tricks. A few of these tricks are illustrated here. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t. But whether they are successful or not, a teaser never wins in the long run. For no boy wants to marry a girl who enjoys showing off her charms to others.”

When you take a closer look at the article, you will realize that it actually makes some sense and even now, these tricks can be collectively used to determine the type of girl. Read on to know more and you will appreciate the sense people had 5 decades back as well!


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