20 Of The Funniest Design Fails By “Crappy Design”

1. Being Gay Was A Sin They Said

funny design failsTKZoroSantoryu

2. This Amazing Pregnancy Test

funny design failsExplodinator580

3. This Bus

funny design failsreddit

4. How Much Do You Trust Your “Multilingual” Ad Designer?

funny design failsbadon_

5. Love Handles

funny design failsdwThread

6. Two Flamingos, One Vagina

funny design failsafaintsmellofcurry

7. We Are The Borg. Resistance Is Futile

funny design failsOceanus5000

8. Sh*t Yourself!

funny design failsdj_orka99

9. Toilets And Mirror Ceiling

funny design failszorton213

10. This Flower Print Dress

funny design fails666

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