France is Opening a Theme Park of Wine



In June, a wine theme park opened up in Bordeaux, France. The park is called “”la Cité du Vin” and has been under development for the last 3 years. There was already a Wine and Trade museum in Bordeaux, but it did not have a theme park aspect to it. The new la Cité du Vin is going to be a museum and theme park combined into one.

A 10-story structure that cost $91 million to build now sits as the centerpiece of the new wine theme park alongside the Garonne River in the new docklands district of the city.

People who visit the wine theme park will get to learn about the history of winemaking in an immersive way. After that, they’ll get to go to the Belvedere where they will be treated with a drink of wine as they look out over the city while at 35 meters high.

In addition to these permanent features, the park is scheduled to have two exhibitions that are temporary each year. The exhibitions will not only focus on wine history but also art and culture as well.

Tickets cost €20 per adult and €8 per child.







8La Cite du Vin/Flickr


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