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This Dog Takes A Bus Ride On Its Own So That It Is Able To Visit The Park Daily

The celebrity dog of Seattle, Eclipse, believes in being totally independent and she takes a bus ride to the nearby park on her own.

dog-rides-bus-seattle-eclipseSunday Post

Every day, she has a bus driver pick her up; as all the bus drivers on that route are familiar with Eclipse.

dog-rides-bus-seattle-eclipseKing County Dept. of Transportation

She takes a seat just like how a passenger would in a regular journey. We got to know about this from a fellow rider on the same route: Tiona Rainwater.

dog-rides-bus-seattle-eclipseLindsay Cohen

All the passengers are warm in welcoming Seattle.

dog-rides-bus-seattle-eclipseKing County Dept. of Transportation

Eclipse is a mix of black Labrador and Mastiff and this practice started when her owner was taking quite some time to finish his cigarette.


When the bus arrived, she climbed the bus on her own and ever since then, there was no looking back for the cute little dog.

dog-rides-bus-seattle-eclipseKOMO news

Eventually, the owner realized that he has a smart dog and let her be herself.


However, there is a rule that dogs should always be on a leash.


But, as long as the driver allows, it should not be a problem.


Why would it ever be a problem, when you have someone so adorable as your co-passenger?


Watch the video here:

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