13 Infinitely Beautiful Sculptures

A beautiful stone effergy in the Monumental Cemetery of Staglieno, Genova

Beautiful Sculpturesvimeo

’Latona and her children, Apollo and Artemis’

William Henry Rinehart, 1870. Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Beautiful SculpturesStefano Giordani

’The Dying Gladiator’

Pierre Julien, 1779. The Louvre, Paris.

Beautiful SculpturesYvan LEMEUR


Jean-Joseph Perraud,1868. The Louvre, Paris.

Beautiful Sculptureszonaforo

’The Awakening of Dawn’

Ben Victor, 2013.

Beautiful Sculpturesbenvictor

’Marble veil’

Raffaelle Monti, mid-19th century. Devonshire Collection.

Beautiful Sculpturessmlh29s


Granada, Spain.

Beautiful Sculpturesmaria…( slowly )

’Young Tarantine’

Alexandre Schoenewerk, 1871. Musée d’Orsay, Paris.

Beautiful Sculpturesconsentidoscomunes

’The Exiled’

Antonio Soares Dos Reis, 1872. Chiado Museum, Portugal.

Beautiful Sculpturesmuseuartecontemporanea

’Young woman’

Musée Crozatier, France.

Beautiful SculpturesYvan LEMEUR

’The nymph Salmacis’

François-Joseph Bosio, 1826. The Louvre, Paris.

Beautiful SculpturesMonica Michelle


Antonio Corradini, 1752. San Severo Chapel, Naples.

Beautiful Sculptures

Beautiful Sculptureslivejournal

’Cassandre se met sous la protection de Pallas’

Aimé Millet, 1877. Tuileries, Paris.

Beautiful SculpturesYvan LEMEUR

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