Banksy’s Top 10 Most Creative and Controversial NYC Works

Posted on Art 2332

Banksy was on the streets of NYC in October to take part in Better Out Than In project and as a result, he left marks in different areas of the town on a daily basis. Despite several repaints on his work and taking down of his installations, we are lucky to have everything documented so that we can always go back and have a look at it to appreciate it.

He spent 31 days of public residency in the Big Apple and his works were highly creative. We bring to you a list of his top 10 works from the NY Street Project.

10) October 16th (All city – McDonalds)

A fiberglass replica of Ronald McDonald getting his shoes polished by a live boy.

9) October 1st (Manhattan)

Stencils of interaction of two boys with an anti-graffiti sign.

8) October 15th (Tribeca)

The skyline of NYC along with WTC and a flower placed on where it was hit.

7) October 29th (23rd Street)

A painting of thrift store vandalized and then donated to the thrift store.

6) October 2nd (Westside)

Image mocking the accent of NY.

5) October 13th (Central Park)

A stall in park that sold Banksy canvases for $60 each.

4) October 24th (Hell’s Kitchen)

A stencil of man waiting with flowers at the exit of a strip club.

3) October 20th (Upper West Side)

A young boy about to hit a fire hydrant.

2) October 5th (All City)

A mobile garden made from a delivery truck in New York.

1) October 11th (Meatpacking District)

Delivery truck belonging to a slaughterhouse that was touring the city.

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