30 Secret Hiding Places That Will Fool Even the Smartest Burglar

21. Drawer With A Secret

secret hiding placeszposner

22. Secret Compartment Coffee Table

secret hiding placesstealthfurniture.com

23. Secret Jar Inside Of A Toy

secret hiding placesHectors helpers

24. Cabinet Hidden Storage

secret hiding places

25. Hidden Wall Outlet Safe

secret hiding placesamazon

26. Hidden Compartment In A Globe

secret hiding placesradmegan

27. Hide Valuables In Fake Pipes

secret hiding placesfamilyhandyman.com

28. Secret Place Inside Of A Curtain

secret hiding placespeanutbuttertoast

29. In A Trash Can

secret hiding placespeanutbuttertoast

30. Magnetic Page Photo Album Hiding Place

secret hiding placesOLGATERN

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