20 Cats And Their Incredible Lookalikes

1. Black kitty and Toothless

cats incredible lookalikesyayomg.com

2. Batcat and Batman

cats incredible lookalikeshamsternose

3. Kitler and Hitler

cats incredible lookalikescatsthatlooklikehitler.com

4. Hamilton the hipster cat and Salvador Dali

cats incredible lookalikesHamiltonTheHipsterCat

5. Cat and this roasted chicken…

cats incredible lookalikestilly253

6. Dobby is a free… cat?

cats incredible lookalikessmeen

7. Fluffy kitty and fluffy keychain

cats incredible lookalikesFatma

8. Mythbusting cat and Jamie

cats incredible lookalikesreddit

9. Mustache cat and Wilford Brimley

cats incredible lookalikesfunnyjunk.com

10. Horned kitty and Maleficient

cats incredible lookalikesio9.com

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